Wenzhou Nan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. / Zhejiang Xin Zhong Nan Investment Co., Ltd.

Well, Nantze quality. In order to build China's high-end residential real estate brand as a business purpose, the high-end residential real estate as the leading development direction. Development process and in Nan estate introduction of foreign advanced design concepts, focus on greening, environment and community culture construction, emphasizing affection and communication between people, fully reflect the people's value, the project overall style mature and elegant. Company has in Wenzhou, Suzhou, Jiaxing, Xianju, Tengzhou, developed "Nan. International Plaza", "Nan. Beautiful Jiayuan", "Nan. Fortune Plaza", "Nan. The Mu River on the left bank" and other large luxury flats, the cumulative development of the completion of the construction area of more than 200 million square meters. These projects in a beautiful environment, exquisite design and the affinity of the property management, the pursuit of quality of life of people generally recognized. In the real estate market with its precise positioning, innovative product design and quality of property management, quickly set up a good brand image in the industry. Looking to the future, the company will be "people-oriented" as a business philosophy, sustainable growth is based, to enhance customer value as the goal, focus on promoting investment in the Yangtze River Delta region. At the same time, it will actively explore the feasibility of investment in the Pearl River Delta, northeast, southwest and other regions, further expand the company's market share in around, "Nan" brand in the fierce competition environment achieve and maintain a leading position in the industry and sustained and rapid growth to create the conditions.