History of development


2014 On Feb. 27, Saint Angelo group won the fourth session of "Zhejiang charity institution donation awards”
On April 6, SAINT ANGELO national first full line custom shop -Jilin Tonghua store opened.
On May 26, Saint Angelo elite group went to Beijing for talioring hosts of CCTV-2, like Wang Xiaoya, Chen Weihong,Gao Bo, etc.
On August 15, Saint Angelo donated more than 2 million yuan supplies for quake-hit areas in Yunnan province
In mid-september, Saint Angelo launched C2B full line private custom business.
September - December, Saint Angelo costly hire eight top coordinators to walk into ends, providing style guidance.
。On November 19, Saint Angelo provided clothing sponsoring for Xinhua reporters attending "First Internet conference".
On November 23, the sixth SAINT ANGELO new art character grand ceremony was held in Shanghai, R & K combination, Zhang Haochen, WuWei, Shi Youpeng respectively won four new awards including shows, literature, space and vision.
On November 28, SAINT ANGELO provided clothing sponsoring for TV series “Wenzhou two families".

2012 In February, SAINT ANGELO newly launched two patent suits - cool suit and zero-gram suit.
。On March 29, SAINT ANGELO joint-stock company "use computer integrated manufacturing and information, automation high-end clothing construction project” passed access to audit.
On August 28, the 4th SAINT ANGELO new art characters activities launching ceremony namely China's first “phoenix fashion" experience store opening ceremony was held at the headquarters in Wenzhou, spokesman Gu Tianle attended the activity in person.
Since September 6 to September 7, SAINT ANGELO group chairman Wu Zhize attended second Sino-Italy fashion summit, and published theme speech “Opportunities and cooperation mode of international brands entering into the Chinese market”.
In November, SAINT ANGELO joint-stock company was awarded "Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprise" title.
On December 15, "the fourth SAINT ANGELO new art character awards ceremony was held in Shanghai, He Ran, Mu Tingting, Jiang Chuan, Zhao Yifan respectively won "new art figures of the year" awards in four fields including literature, performance, vision and space.

2010 。On January 27th,first “SAINT ANGELO new art characters” held reward ceremony in Beijing, Jiang Yingrong, Guo Jingming, Wang Yuyang and Wang Fei respectively won the "new art figure award” including performance art, literature, space and vision in the field of art.
On January 31, SAINT ANGELO used "chest interlining and added lining new technology" passed the provincial new product appraisal of processing suit.
On February 2, bono, Zhejiang SAINT ANGELO Clothing co., LTD., won the "Zhejiang quality prize"
On April 12, Yongjia county people's government first awarded SAINT ANGELO joint-stock company of over hundred million yuan of annual taxes with 2009 annual industrial development "do the most outstanding contribution" honorary title. On February 2, Zhejiang SAINT ANGELO Clothing co., LTD., won the "Zhejiang quality prize".
In September, Taiwan youth idol Zhou Yumin acted as fashion brands S.ANGELO image spokesperson
。In December, Hong Kong tri-circle star Gu Tianle acted as SAINT ANGELO image spokesperson.

2008 On March 7, the company donated more than 4 million yuan to Guangxi Beihai snow disaster area.
On March 28, SAINT ANGELO won “2006-2007 annual award Chinese clothing brand value award”
On May 20, SAINT ANGELO group staff donated nearly 250,000 yuan to 5.12 earthquake stricken area, company donated more than 3 million supplies.
On September 15, chairman Wu Zhize was included in the “ 30 people influencing Wenzhou economy in reform and opening up 30 years”.
Since September 21 to September 26, SAINT ANGELO’s donated seven hoping primary school for quake-hit region in Sichuan and Shaanxi completed as scheduled, chairman of the board of director Wu Zhize attended the opening ceremony
On October 24, SAINT ANGELO donated warm materials against the cold worthy of more than 2 million yuan in Sichuan earthquake disaster area.
。On December 19, SAINT ANGELO Clothing co., LTD., smoothly passed the certification of national AAAA standardized good behavior.
On Dec. 31, Chen Zhangyin resigned the President of SAINT ANGELO group.

2006 SAINT ANGELO。On January 10, SAINT ANGELO held a brand strategy press conference, enabled the English trademark SAINT ANGELO.
On March 18, SAINT ANGELO 10th anniversary celebration held "same song, meeting SAINT ANGELO - Ren Xianqi (Wenzhou) concert”.
On August 30, SAINT ANGELO University Hall was established.
On September 27, SAINT ANGELO Cup tenth boutique golf celebrity tournament in Beijing perfectly ended.
On November 23, Li Ruihuan, former standing member of CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, original chairman of CPPCC visited SAINT ANGELO.
On December 13, SAINT ANGELO’s five hoping primary school in Xinmin city,Xichang, Yilong county, Changchun city, Suqian city was established.
On December 15, SAINT ANGELO became the first CSC9000T implementation enterprise of China textile industry association.

2004 On March 9, SAINT ANGELO won "Zhejiang Well-known Firms".
On April 20, SAINT ANGELO won "the outstanding contribution enterprise of Wenzhou clothing chamber of commerce 10th anniversary" title.
On April 25, chairman Wu Zhize, was elected vice president of Chinese clothing association.
In August, Zhejiang SAINT ANGELO Clothing co., LTD. completed the listing training period.
On October 3, Neglia "custom-tailor, perfect craft" high-end product terminal promotion series of activities were launched.
On October 19, SAINT ANGELO won the title of 2004 first China youth favorite clothing brand
On November 4, SAINT ANGELO won “advanced unit of national suit product quality management" title.

2002 In February, Bono suit was awarded as "Shanghai famous brand products” title.
On February 8, "SAINT ANGELO" trademark was identified as "China well-known trademark。
On February 22, Zhang Siqing, vice chairman of the CPPCC visited SAINT ANGELO group.
On March 25, the group passed the "ISO9001 quality management system" and "ISO14001 environmental management system”.
On July 8, chairman Wu Zhize, on behalf of the Chinese men's clothing to attend IAF (international federation of clothing) annual meeting held in the Netherlands.
In October, SAINT ANGELO group won the certificate "Chinese environment mark product".
On November 27, the group cooperated and signed with the world famous clothing fabric supplier Italy "Matteo Marzotto" group in Beijing.

2000 On April 14, Zhang Dejiang, Zhejiang Provincial Party secretary of communist party of China inspected SAINT ANGELO group.
On May 27, the first "Bono cup" national professional clothing design contest finals was held in Beijing.
On September 28,SAINT ANGELO group Shanghai industrial park completed and went into production.
On December 13, the company held "SAINT ANGELO Night" party in international fashion week awards ceremony in China.

1998 In July, Italy Mr. Antonio, acted as chief technologist of group, and launch a "pretty soft suit".
In July, Italy Mr. Antonio, acted as chief technologist of group, and launch a "pretty soft suit".
On August 18, "SAINT ANGELO" trademark was identified as "Zhejiang famous trademark
On November 2, the group passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.
On November 13, the national garment quality supervision and inspection center assessed "SAINT ANGELO" men’s wear as high-class products.

1996 On March 18th, Zhejiang SAINT ANGELO apparel group was set up.
On April 28, SAINT ANGELO announced collected slogans,"SAINT ANGELO -- passes good news to thousands of family".
On August 5, Germany imported annual output of 100,000 sets of suit production equipment setup completed, and started to use.
In December, "SAINT ANGELO" suit was identified as "local industry famous brand in Zhejiang province" products.


2013 On March 26, SAINT ANGELO won the "the ninth Chinese clothing brand achievement award of the year award".
On August 22, the fifth SAINT ANGELO new art character awards ceremony launching ceremony namely Wenzhou Jiale phoenix fashion store grandly opened, at the same time launched the first SAINT ANGELO "looking for Mr. Loving Reading" activity.
On September 12, SAINT ANGELO & national snooker team strategic cooperation news conference was held in Beijing gymnasium snooker academy, SAINT ANGELO become the only official partner of national snooker team dress industry.
。 Since September 22 to September 29, SAINT ANGELO’s EMBA class of Business School went to United States Military Academy and Harvard University for study tour.
On October 16, the sixth member congress of Chinese clothing association was held in Beijing, Chairman Wu Zhize, was reappointed as vice President of Chinese clothing association with high vote。
On November 16, the fifth SAINT ANGELO new art character awards ceremony was held in Wenzhou, Wen Jier, Yang Jiao, Mao Yanyang, Zhang Xiaoman respectively won four awards including literature, performance, visual and spatial field.
On December 12, in the list of "2013 China's manufacturing industry independent brand value evaluation",released by State Quality Inspection Administration united CCTV, SAINT ANGELO brand ranked the first among the province's clothing shoes and hats industry, sixth in China with brand value of 2.828 billion yuan

2011 On January 15, the second SAINT ANGELO new artistic figures rewards ceremony was held in Hangzhou,new awards were won by "Super Boy” Liu Xin, writer Liuliu, sculptors Chen Welling and painters Li Jikai.
On June 20th, SAINT ANGELO Anhui Bono Clothing co., LTD., officially opened and started production.
On September 28, SAINT ANGELO Business School opening ceremony namely unveiling ceremony was held in Shanghai.
In October, SAINT ANGELO fully automated logistics center invested nearly one hundred million yuan, was launched and put into use.
On October 8th, group chairman Wu Zhize won the title of "son of Oujiang Yongjia ten outstanding person.
On November 30, Zhejiang SAINT ANGELO Clothing co., LTD. publicly increases issuance of 1.5 billion yuan to apply for the issuance examination committee approved by China securities regulatory commission.
On December 17, the third SAINT ANGELO new art figures award ceremony was held in Shenyang, writer Di An, film and television new star He Shengming

2009 On March 1, SAINT ANGELO’s sub-brand S.A NGELO signed with Gu Tianle,Hong Kong tri-circle star for image spokesperson.
On June 12, Zhejiang SAINT ANGELO Clothing co., LTD., passed validation of 2008 annual social responsibility of China textile industry association.
On Aug. 7, Zhejiang SAINT ANGELO Clothing co., LTD was won "national hi-tech enterprise".
。On August 28, BONO dress was held in Beijing "workplace rookie -- BONO ’09 professional clothing fashion show".
In September, SAINT ANGELO group co., LTD was identified as “Leading backbone enterprises of Zhejiang industrial sectors” by the provincial government.
On September 27, the group chairman Wu Zhize won the title of "model worker" in zhejiang province.
In October, Zhejiang SAINT ANGELO dress joint-stock company’s utility model patent of five computer customized system won the authorized patent by State Intellectual Property Office.

2007 In April, SAINT ANGELO was identified as the national garment industry “top 100" enterprises for ten consecutive years by the Chinese clothing association, and awarded the group chairman Wu Zhize "Chinese clothing medal".
HAZZYS。In April, SAINT ANGELO united the world top 500 LG group, to agent leisure clothing brand HAZZYS.
On August 16, SAINT ANGELO successfully hit a-share market.
On September 23, SAINT ANGELO held "witness civilization, witness the truth" - visit mother river large-scale public welfare activities.
On October 20, SAINT ANGELO won "Gotone Cup" 2007 China youth favorite clothing — Hongbang bronze prize"
On November 20, Wu Zhize,vice president of Chinese clothing association went to Mumbai, India to attend the second Asian garment assembly.

2005 On March 28, SAINT ANGELO won "quality award" of Chinese clothing brand award of the Year.
On April 26, Wu Zhize, chairman of group joined in "2005 China mainland philanthropist list".
On September 23, SAINT ANGELO held a “ Tian Cui Li Xiang" press conference in Beijing Great Hall of the People.
On October 12, SAINT ANGELO was short-listed into 2004 national annual top 500 private enterprises.
On October 18, SAINT ANGELO held brand concept conference of “Tian Cui Li Xiang” in Dunhuang
On December 12, Jia Qinglin, political bureau of the CPC central committee, chairman of the national committee investigated SAINT ANGELO.

2003 In January, the state administration for industry and commerce recognized group as "abiding by contract, keeping promises," enterprises.
On June 24, Luo Haocai, vice chairman of the CPPCC visited SAINT ANGELO group.
In July, the group signed a contract with British Martha in Shanghai.
In September, SAINT ANGELO men's wear won "China famous brand product" title.
On September 7, Cheng Siwei, vice chairman of National People's Congress visited SAINT ANGELO group.
On November 15, the third "Bono Cup" Chinese professional clothing design contest finals was held in Shanghai.
November 26, Wu Zhize won the "outstanding contribution award” of China fashion designers association in China international fashion week in 2003.

2001 On March 18th, SAINT ANGELO group and Chinese people's university jointly run “MBA" training class started.
On April 10, Qiao Shi, original political bureau of the CPC central committee, former chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress inspected SAINT ANGELO group.
On June 20th, Zhejiang SAINT ANGELO Clothing co., LTD. come into existence.
On August 23, the 2th “ Bono cup" national clothing design contest finals was held in Shanghai.
On November 19, "SAINT ANGELO" trademark was identified as “Zhejiang famous trademark" again.
On December 29th, Mr.Du Yuzhou, president of China textile industry association, visited Saint Angelo Group.

1999 On January 9, Hong Kong film star Ren Dahua acted as “SAINT ANGELO" image spokesperson.
In September, SAINT ANGELO "CS project” national tour started.

In September, "SAINT ANGELO" brand suit was identified as "Zhejiang famous brand product
In December, SAINT ANGELO group Yongjia industrial park completed and begin production.

1997 SAINT ANGELO suit was awarded as "Wenzhou famous brand", SAINT ANGELO trademark was identified as "Wenzhou well-known trademark".
On January 14, SAINT ANGELO held the first men's fashion trend in Wenzhou.
In April, the group first entered into the national garment industry double hundred, ranking 78.
In November, "SAINT ANGELO" suit won the "best products quality prize” in 97 clothing fair.