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Pop Of Today Legends Of Tomorrow

——SAINT ANGELO’s emerging art character awards activities

Hold up the pop of today,build the legend of tomorrow

They are a new force in our time, they use the power of art to change our ideas, affecting the from all walks of life, bringing infinite possibility to our life.

They need an avenue of stars, to the forest of world;they need a colorful stage, showing beautiful charm of the original art;they need a much-anticipated attention, to usher in the peak of the Chinese contemporary art time!

In 2009, SAINT ANGELO cooperates with domestic well-known medias to costly build a new artistic figures campaign, designed to encourage up-and-coming young talents in the field of various art, maximize the excavation and support the future star of Chinese contemporary art. Award selection category is locked in 4 art sections— visual art and space art, literature and art, the performing arts. Activities are held every year, through internet audition and layer-by-layer screening of expert panel, eventually in various fields, emerge an annual new art figure.

SAINT ANGELO will always accompany Chinese new artistic talent to grow up, never abandoning • •